Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012 in 72 stories


It's been ages since I last written. 2012 had been a blessed and a blast for me and I think I would call it the best out of the 22 years alive! I may not be active blogging anymore but I always believe that people come and go but memories will always remain. Thus, summarizing my year here, compressing 365 days, 52 weeks and 12 months in one blog post. Enjoy (=

1. Officially employed in Groupon as a Recruitment Specialist.

2. Featured on Human Resource magazine.

3. Shopped at Ikea, car broke down and I wasted 9 hours on road. Damn epic and the worst I've ever gotten.

4. Ate my first horse meat from Kazakhstan.

5. Celebrated CNY.

6. Went Pangkor.

7. Pyjamas Party

8. Groupon Taiwan thrashed in.

9. Went Ipoh road trip.

10. Twin Party.

 11. Valentine's Day.

12. Took picture with Marion Caunter.

13. Featured on The Star

14. First PS Team outing.

15. First College gathering.

16. Graduated.

17. Took family photo.

18. Part Time at Setia Walk.

19. Super Hero Party.

20. Did charity with Hope to Aquaria.

21. Back to school party.

22. Went Genting for teambuilding.

23. Went on first Groupon Getaways to Swiss Garden in Pangkor.

24. Attended Bollywood party.

25. Watched London the Musical.

26. Had buffet dinner at Sunway Putra.

 27. Went Super GT @ Sepang.

28. Photo with Leng Yein that hit more than 1000 likes. (and i looked like shit)

29. Raised and donated RM110k from World Vision Campaign.

30. Attended Jon+Allison's wedding.

31. Attended Heineken Bottle launch party.

32. Road trip to Janda Baik + Bukit Tinggi.

33. Flew to Perhentian.

34. Dropped by Redang.

35. Visited Chilling Falls.

36. Spent a day at Sunway Lagoon.

37. Participated Famine 30.

38. Saw Lee Hom

39. Danced in front of 80k people

39. Drove to Malacca.

40. Flew to Bangkok

41. Detoured to Pattaya

42. Visited Groupon Thailand

43. Lodge a police report for my lost wallet.

44. Fly back on a jet plane for Hennessy Artistry VSOP.

45. Spent the weekend at Grand Lexis.

46. Started  building Groupon level 10

47. Left for Taiwan.

48. Feed a real sheep for the first time.

49. Challenged a parachute off the hills of Taiwan.

50. Shopped like crazy in Taipei.

51. Flew back to Malaysia.

52. Completed Groupon Level 10 in one month!

53. Took photo with Nadine Thomas.

54. Dressed as sushi to Halloween Party.

55. Office Launched!

56. Went PD with other city BCs.

57. Dined at super expensive Marini's 57

58. Celebrated my Birthday

59. Had my last Annual Dinner with Groupon.

60. Zouk with 3 Penang kia, 1 Ipoh kia, 2 JB kia, 2 Kuching kia and 5 KL kia.

61. Celebrated Charlize's Hens night at Zouk.

62. Watched movie in the office.

63. Clubbed with Zouk Virgins

64. Attended Charlize's wedding

65. Zouk after Charlize's wedding.

66. Organized a Christmas Party

67. Joined PM's Christmas Celebration.

68. First time receiving so many presents for Christmas.

69. Picnicked in the office.

70. New Year Eve Dinner with the family.

71. Got wasted on new year's eve!

72. Ended the year with a bang =)

Can you believe that this blog post took me 2 and a half days to compose, filter pictures, dig up memories and post it up live?Happy new year and till the next time i blog =)